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Occupational Health and Safety Act 

• Slips and falls represent 41% of preventable injuries in Canada at a total cost of $3.6 billion each year. 

• Falls were the leading cause of overall injury costs in Canada in 2004 accounting for $6.2 billion or 31% of total costs (direct and indirect).

 • 50% of all fall injuries resulted in hospitalization. 

• Falls are the leading cause of injuries resulting in permanent partial disability (47%) and total permanent disability (50%).

 • Falls are the leading cause of death due to injury among Canadians over 65 with one in three falling on average of once or more each year. ]

Source: SMARTRISK Canada (2009) “The Economic Burden of Injury in Canada” Gillespie et al., (2009) “Interventions of preventing falls in older people living in the community”

Ministry Of Labour 

• Ministry of Labour inspectors conducted a blitz in industrial and construction workplaces in February and March 2013 focusing on STF hazards. 

•The Blitz resulted in hundreds of stop work orders. 

• The most frequently issued orders for falls hazards at industrial sector workplaces involved a failure of employers to: 

   -ensure the safety of floor surfaces 

Source: Ministry of Labour Blitz Results: Slips, Trips, and Falls June 28, 2013

slip and Fall continue to affect millions