Walk Safe Solutions Inc.   

Leading Experts in Slip and Fall Prevention
Quality Services Improving the Safety of All Types of Flooring 

Voted #1 In Slip and Fall Prevention Services

Maintaining leading position for slip and fall prevention services

What Makes us Different? 

As experts in our field, we apply the highest possible standard in all of the services we provide. 

Instead of Creating Awarenes, We Adress The Problem
 Enhanced Safety with Advanced Methods 

Our Engineered Solution

We provide accurate flooring coefficient of friction measurement, ensuring that we provide your floors the traction needed for slip prevention.

NFSI Certified Methods

Our services are performed with NFSI certified methods, allowing them to be classified as high traction. 

Floors Stay Looking Natural

Expect your floors to have the same appearance as before our service. Our services do not alter the natural look of any flooring surface.

CFIA Compliant Methods

Our services are approved by the Canada Food Inspection Agency, allowing us to provide our services around food without any risks or concerns. 

Cost-Effective Services

 While you cannot put a price on safety, Walk Safe Solutions provides safety at a reasonable price.  The reduction slip and fall injuries and liability is a great investment for you and your business. 


Avoiding Common Mistakes

Our products do not consist of any floor coatings. Floor coatings are known to peel and create debris, leaving floor conditions unsafe. With us, you will not have this problem.

Our Quality Guarantee

We value our customers and their protection is important to us. To show our appreciation, we guarantee our services for up to 5 years. Should any issues arise after our job is done, we will be there to assist you.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction