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Important Message to Employers


As a business owner, it is essential that you set goals to guarantee your success. In addition to setting goals related to profit and growth, it is equally as important to prepare for any unexpected catastrophes that could destroy your trust and credibility. Canadian labour and employment law requires that employers have a duty to avoid injury and death in the workplace. For example:

Occupational Health And Safety (Canada)Under the Occupational health and safety act, employers are required to do their due diligence, by taking reasonable precautions, under the particular circumstances to prevent injuries or accidents in the workplace. 

Labour Program (Canada)Employers must take precautions that are not only possible, but that are also suitable or rational to prevent accidents or injuries arising from these hazards.

Non-Compliance: How Will You Or Your Company be Affected? 

Failure to comply with health and safety laws can have severe consequences in the event of injury/death:

  • Liability Claims: Compensation awards are steadily increasing and insurance premiums become significantly higher after a claim.
  • Legal Fees: Costs incurred via litigation, legal advice, etc.
  • Loss of Personnel: Injured workers must take time off work to recover.
  • Loss of Productivity: Injured workers may work slower or require 'light-duties' during recovery and/or on a permanent basis.
  • Loss of Reputation: Employers are subject to public shame following many accidents. 

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